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Welcome to Skishark's new homepage . . . .

See my Photo Gallery
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Here are some photographs taken while hiking in the Adirondack mountains

Here is music and other sounds I have made available for your enjoyment.

Who is this skishark anyway? What does he believe in?
Well, Read about Skishark's Faith

Send me an e-mail: skishark@systemhalted.com
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OR . . . Come see the house I built at 529 Click for Frankfort, New York Forecast

You might be interested in seeing the story, and pix of my time in Costa Rica

Read my little dog story Toto Takes Topeka

Wanna climb a mountain? An Adirondack mountain?
Mount Algonquin is one of the highest in New York State.
Come climbing with the skishark, or, at least read his report: Mount Algonquin

Lately I have been getting my legs back by pedaling a Suntrike around the hills of Litchfield.

Then I'll get thirsty and will enjoy pouring a cold homebrew down my neck
If you don't know, Homebrew is the very best of beers, check it out:
Skishark's Homebrew

You are also invited to take a walking tour of the Sculpture Garden These are wood carvings created by my father Frank.

Here are the recipes I created, or collected and adjusted,
Sharkbrot is the very best bread you ever had. I have adjusted the recipe many times.

Weblogs? Got two of them. Ski reports on conditions for skiing in sourthern Herkimer county.
My garden speaks to adventures in the same place in another season.
Lately I have been making my ski reports and tricycle reports at Facebook
Look for Skishark Devecis.My homebrewing blog can be found on Twitter.
This is Allis I am riding on. An Allis-Chalmers Model G tractor
as old as the skishark. I use Allis to keep my home field mowed,
so it does not grow up into brush, and to clear out a few ski trails nearby.

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