Good Afternoon skiers,
     That's right. You saw it right, this is the snowshoe report today.
Have been no reports for a few days, what with one thing or another,
and some polar conditions.
Lots of snow, temperature in 20's.
Forecast is cloudy, scattered snow showers, high temps. in 20's  for another WEEk.
This afternoon I said, 'what the hey',  put on snowshoes and headed for 1/3 mile loop.
Walked all the way with that tight mince-marching gait that is so stressful.
for my lower legs, ankles. High-stepping through deep snow.
Seemed I was sinking in to knees, even on snowshoes. Into the training zone.
All the way planning track to be best for a skier. Three times around I was thinking.
Second time was easier, still mince-marching, but just stepping on the higer spots
left from first time around. Thinking for the third time  around
I would stretch out my gait and get back into training zone.
Third time took eight minutes. Caught my breath and went back around withershins,
to clear damage I had done racing through, Dressed a few curves.
Couple of places a different track for a skier going clockswise or withershins.
Half inch of powder tonight, should be ideal to ski  in the morning.
Hasn't been this good for at least ten years. Probably won't be this good again.
Sorry Ginny, you can't go skiing after work until after Groundhogs Day.
Was thinking, what would this field be like in a thousand years?
The same? Unlikely. Moist forest? Dry savannah? A bean field,
to help feed double-digit billions of people ? ? Stop thinking John
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                                              Happy Trails,