Good Afternoon Skiers,
     That was nice. Temperature about 30F, gusty breeze.
Snow is more consolidated. Finally got across the road.
Still a few soft drifts scattered around.
Steve - the reson I don't do it your way is that I don't know exactly
where I want to ski tomorrow, and wind obliterates those tracks.
Think I got more open fields to deal with than you do.
Clumb up along the hedgerow across the road, Got my heart rate up.
Ka-thump ka-thump ka-thump
Probably could have used better kick wax.
Turned around then and got the longest glide I ever did, over there.
Fast too, didn't spill, but I came close.
Then I did a complete circumambulation of that field over there.
Over half a mile I figure.
Did not go into next field. Nice slope there, but wind direction such that snow is probably over five feet, needs more consolidation.
What will tomorrow bring.
                                                    Happy trails,
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