Good Afternoon Skiers,
     Whew, not bad sking today at all.
Flakefall continued, few more inches now.
Went out this morning with my snowshoes to break trail on my third of a mile loop. Made some links to the short loop also.
Went out after lunch on skies. The third mile loop trail is on a more sloping hillside so there are greater slopes to contend with, both downhill and up.
Went around three times, did not have to break trail. After two passes with snowshoes and two passes on skies it was pretty slick.
Not sure I had the right wax, sticky in places, and slippery in others. Maybe it was as good as could be.
After three laps I tried the short loop. That is my steepest slope. Got going as fast as I wanted to under these conditions.
Still have not fallen down, but I didn't go on that loop again.
Then I went over to my quarter mile loop where  I made all those loops yesterday. Could barely see it under the new snow.
Got going about fifty yards, then gave up, too much like breaking new trail.
Downhill back to the house was a nice glide. Flakefall has ceased for now, what will tomorrow bring?
Sleet and freezing rain forecast for Wednesday. Time for hot tub.
Sorry, no link to past reports, yet.
                                                                                Happy trails,