Good Afternoon skiers,
     It's skiable out there, not bad, not great either.
Temperature was 30F when I went out, slowly falling.
About an inch of frsh powder, still falling.
Put on Extra blue wax, maybe just a little slippery.
Kevin, the advantage of waxable skis is that you can change the grip
as conditions change. Waxless are for folks who don't care about their skiing.
Didn't need to break trail. After a couple go-rounds on my quarter mile loop
the bottom started falling out. Then withershins was better than clockswise.
Went over a did a couple loops on the picean pathways.
Then Monte was demanding to be let back in the house.
Then I went and did my third of a mile loop, clockwise.
Tried to throw me a couple times, so I came in to type up the ski report.
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