Good Afternoon skiers,
     Ah, that was good.
8-10 inches of new powder, cold powder. Temperature was 20F when I went out.
Of   course, all the trails must be broken anew.
Went over to my quarter mile loop and went round and round.
Monte got bored. After second go-round he went back in the house.
Went around three times clockwise.
Up in the training zone, didn't count it but I knew the feeling.
ka-thump ka-thump ka-thump ka-thump ka-thump
Went withershins three times around, then a couple more clockwise.
Broke trail along the hedgerow back out to my driveway.
Time to get my snowshoes and break more trails. Which ones?
They had a couple snowmobiles out across the road.
Just going around and around on the lawn, not going up the hills.
What will tomorrow bring?
Soon I will add a link to the back issues of these reports, stay tuned.
I know all of you feel the need to stay apprised of these happenings.
                                                    Happy Trails,