Good Afternoon skiers,
     Another inch or two last night. 5 degrees when I got up this morning.
22 when I went out to ski, 28 when I came in.
Once a trail was broken it was very fast. But going downhill you knew you could not turn.
Had to aim right.
Went over to the quarter mile loop, went around many times.
Kept getting smoother and faster.
Checked the rate on that pounding in my chest, about 120/min.
In the training zone, didn't push harder, just kept going.
Noticed many snowmobile tracks across the road. Would not have to break a trail there.
Crossed the road, but they did not go up the hills at all. They had a dusting of the powder
so they were good to ski. Until I came to a place where the wet ground came through the snow.
Backed off, went back to my side of the road, did more laps, both ways.
What will tomorrow bring? Warmer temperature? More compacted snow?
                                                              Happy Trails,