Good Afternoon Skiers,
      Well we got a bit of cold powder, maybe 6 to 8 inches.
There was a brief  shower of rain so a thin layer of ice got in there too.
Temp. was in mid 20's when I went out so first thing was to scrape off that cheery glop, always a messy task.
Then I started breaking trail. Went around my quarter mile loop a few times, that kept getting better.
Then I went around withershins a couple times. Was better clockwise, more downhill.
Had to let the dog in, Monte forgot his hat, was getting cold.
Then i went over to the picean pathways. Did those a couple times. Down one and up the other.
Those spruce trees are good at holding the snow, then dropping it down your neck when you ski under.
Sking was pretty good. But I did not dare go in the woods, still hunting season.
And there is still deadfall to be cleaned up, don't know exactly where they all are. Think I got the worst of it.
I want to try the hills across the road but I would still have to break trail. Snow is too heavy for good downhill.
Temperature is forecast to be in the 40's Monday. I'll never get all those trails broken by myself.
                                                                               Happy trails,