Good Afternoon XCkiers,
    Mos' delightful indeed. Sunny, temperature at 21F, light breeze from W.
Drifts too deep and soft on my side of hedgerow, but over there, ah.
On the west side of hedgerow I was flying all around my field and Rick's golf course.
Looked up picean pathway, a snarl of nasty looking drifts, looked the other way.
It was nice going on trail into the woods, enough powder I might chance the hill
that bloodied me last month. I went gingerly, trying to clear blowdown from my skis.
Could not find the branch that was my defeat, too much powder there now.
Figured I might go over and check out my 'Ride of Death' trail.
Have not skied that since  . . . , maybe there would be enough powder this afternoon.
There was enough powder but trail loked more like a footpath than a downhill ski trail.
I chickened out, again. Not much of a ski shark, huh?
Coming back on the trail i had broken on the way in was more delight.
I did some more flying on the golf course.
Monte wanted to go in before I did.
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                                              Happy Trails,