Good Afternoon XCkiers,
     Lots of good powder now. Tiny, tiny snow crystals,all last night and this morning,
gentling down with no breeze, adds up to maybe over an inch.
Went out yesterday, forgot where i put the ski report.
It was nice yesterday, new snow, applied with wind, deep ssoft drifts in lee of hedgerow.
But nice out in the fields, crust visible just a few spots. Did five laps on 1/4 mile loop.
Both ways, kept getting better. Clockswise better than withershins.
Probably owing to fatigue after the mile clockswise.
Today I veered away from broken trail, still good glide when breaking trail.
Just the gentlest slope resulted in twenty foot steps.
Went down the picean path, the more open side where slope is better.
A series of drifts a foot high, few feet between, thinking would be better
if I came around again. But did not. Took the trail that goes down by the dam.
Not done that for years. Hard left turn near bottom blocked by growing limb
of apple tree. I prevailed upon Mr. Turner to remove that limb. He complied.
This was my first chance when snow was right. Everything went good,
but a twig from adjacent limb grabbed my hat off, I landed on my hip.
Monte wondered why I was laughing so hard.
Was down in ravine now, a trudge through deep snow back to the fields.
Thought about going over by the bowl, haven't been there this centery.
Monte would have none of that, he had to get home. He'll get left behind some day.
Followed the track back, got up to top of my hill. It's a good slope but snow too
heavy to allow control. Aim, and pray. Only did that once.
What will tomorrow bring, more snow forecast.
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                                              Happy Trails,