Good Morning XCkiers,
      A little late on this one I know.
Snow has been hard crust since hot days and deep freezing.
Went out on snowshoes yesterday, figured I would break open trail
on the 1/3 mile loop before today's rain. Was out for less than five minutes
when I thought the crust was soft enough to ski. Went back for skis.
Temperature was in the 40's, figured I should put on soft wax, waxed up with red.
Felt good to ski again, had done pre-emptive ankle therapy in hot tub so
I was feeling no pain. Top crust was gone but snow had not really consolidated.
Breaking trail in heavy snow, old ski tracks hard to follow, kept slipping off.
Too hard to turn, for downhill I had to aim and pray. I would stop when the slope
stopped me. Did the 1/4 mile loop, and picean pathway.
But not enough kick to climb the hill to home, sought a level way.
Found old snowmobile track, that helped.
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                                              Happy Trails,