Good Afternoon Xkiers,
Do you think that could be abbreviation for XC-Skiers?. XCkiers?
Temperature 8F when I got up, another inch or two of softest powder,
still gentling down. Went right out after breakfast, on my snowshoes.
Minced around my 1/4 mile loop, both ways once.
 Minced along the hedgerow home, ankle stressing by this time.
After lunch, temperature 16F, gentle flakefall.
'Hey Monte, want to go for a good ski?' Not sure.
I cajoled him onto snowshoe track, he took off like a rocket.
I went around the 1/4 mile loop, both ways. Now that ankle is stressing me.
I limped home, on that track by the hedgerow.
Monte was ready to come in too. Time for hot tub.
Massage the ankle with those rotating jets.
Maybe I should do that first.
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                                              Happy Trails,