Good Afternoon xkiers,
     Still good. Fresh 3/4 inch  . 19F, scattered sunbeams and snow showers.
Did the 1/3 mile loop first, quite fast. Monte was loving racing along the well packed trail.
On the back corner downhill bit as fast as I want to go.
Stopped to think about going down the dogback.
Powder probably deep enough to keep me going slow enough,
but now I feel particularly nervous about downhill trails through the woods.
Went over to the quarter-mile loop.
Nice, taking twelve foot steps through the deep fluffy powder.
Saw a snowmobile track under the last few powder showers, followed it.
Got a good stride, but I didn't follow it into the woods.
It came back out and went up the picean pathway, the more open side.
Followed it up there, when I got to the top, turned and glided back down.
Came back, following snowmobiles, only had to break  trail a little to
get back to 1/4 mile loop. Glided back up the hill over there.
Wanted to turn and glide back down where the 12 foot steps were.
Monte was demanding to be back in the house by this time. So I went to let him.
Then I went back to glide down that part of 1/4 mile loop.
Came back, Now that track back to my back door has been packed three more times.
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                                              Happy Trails,