Good Afternoon Skiers,
     Ah, another inch of fine powder, temperature up into low 20's.
Slopes still a little tricky, you'll be going along nicely, then crust will give way,
hard to keep balance. Still , a nice surface to ski.
Went over to quarter-mile loop. Saw a different snowmobile was on this side
 of the road. Not a loopy guy, more exploratory.
He was here before the inch of powder fell, so he made a nice broken trail,
if he went where I wanted.
Went back to try the downhill trail to the lower clearing.
Snowmobile did too, so I skied next to his track.
Was breezing along, spotted a new piece of deadfall, suddenly airborne.
Faceplant !! complete with bloody nose.
Now I have to get my glasses straightened.
Got home, put on old glasses, looked in mirror.
Less of a bloody nose than a facial abrasion I guess.
Still, was a good ski, will try across the road tomorrow.
Now it is trime to sink into the hot tub, with a generous snifter of
that apple brandy i was gifted at Christmas.
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                                                        Happy trails,