Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, October 1, 2008
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Who would have believed it? Here it is, OCTOBER, and still no frost.
Weather is weird lately. Can that be good for a gardener? I don't think so.
Would not startle me to get a foot of snow on Columbus' Day. Pleasantly surprise, but not startle.

Here is my garden now:

Most of my vegetables got old and died. You can just see Orion's pumpkin back there. It's big, but I have not
weighed it yet. Corn and beans patch has been mowed and detritus raked away.
I got over a gallon of dried pinto beans from two packets and weeks of good sweet corn from those tall cornstalks.
Squash and melon patch has been mowed and raked. Still have some summer squash on the kitchen counter.
Only got one good melon. Vinepeach was a waste, tough rind and not sweet.
Barley patch mowed and raked. Leeks are still doing well.
Harvested and consumed my late planting of kohlrabi last night. Still have three little ones.
Late spinach is being productive. Those are the four plants I let go on to seed, still giving us lots of spinach.
Little leaves, good for salads. Purple basil and sweet basil contributing to salads too, but they stopped
making new leaves. Peppers still trying, they got blossom but can't set fruit.

I planted rainbow chard in my greenhouse planter a few weeks ago, and we will be eating those greens next week.
The grape tomato plants passed away but still bear lots of fruit:
Enjoy those in salads and stir fry.
I brought down a few bushels of that rotted manure to fill in my raised beds, haven't raked it yet. I'll be looking for boards to make more raised beds, and I'll be planting garlic the next time it gets dry out there.

I'm afraid this must be the last of the garden log for 2008, unless something remarkable happens, that is.
I have enjoyed keeping you up to dste on what's happening back there. Thank you for providing me an outlet.
I have not heard from anyone about the ski reports, so I'll assume you are currently satisfied.

Enjoy, enjoy. Enjoy!!