Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, September 24, 2008
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Beans, beans, beans, and more beans

Get the picture?

Seems we've been going bean crazy. Jane gave up on the pole beans, she could not keep up.
She tried to pick when they were small enough to be good, but there were so many and they just kept getting bigger.
And bigger.

We got a couple of good meals out of the Bumble beans. I invented the recipe, found here:
Beans'n'BarleyBake But, they were shell beans not dried beans.
They don't dry out like Pinto beans, they would need some sort of preservation. So I had a hubcap full of moldy beans.
I threw them away. That's why I grow a new bean every year, to learn more about beans.
The pinto beans were very prolific. Pods and pods on every plant, smaller than the Bumbles, until they are cooked.
Still in the process of being shelled out. I have the same hubcapful already. Not half done.

I took my lawn mower out yesterday and mowed down my squash and melon patch, and my corn and beans patch.
I had the mower set at the highest setting, it still bogged down a few times.
Today I raked all the clippings off to the side, checked for rocks, and mowed again at the normal sertting.
I've done this with the barley patch also. I am hoping the effort will result in less of a weed problem next year,
when all those patches move to the next step in rotation.

Still waiting for that first frost. Then I can bring in my winter squash, and the pumpkin.
Once things die, I can move the old manure to fill in and level off the raised beds, plant my garlic too.
I still have a merry supply of leeks. Can leave them in the ground until it freezes. Late planting of kohlrabi
are starting to swell. Emptied a pickle jar last night. Picked, and pickled the last of the peppers today.

All good things must come to an end, and I'm afraid this garden log must join them.
There will still be one or two more as harvest continues and garden goes to bed.
During the colder months I publish a ski log about my ventures on snow. Some of you are on that list also.
Last year it was just in text format, but that could change, it WOULD be difficult to incorporate photographs.
If anyone wants to get on, or off, the mailing list for my ski blog, do let me know.