Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, September 14, 2008
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Haw-fall is happening here and now.
Haw-fall? That's when the bright red hawthorn berries fall of their tree/bush and litter the ground with their bright reds.

It's the middle of September and I am waiting for the first frost, the killing frost. Harvest moon is tomorrow night,
but record high temperature today. Once the frost happens I can swing into action putting my garden to bed
for the winter. Still eating sweet corn, still waiting for more melons to ripen, still picking pole beans.
Still picking peppers, but I ran out of pickle jars. Still picking lettuce from that April planting.
I see another batch of the basil pesto happening too. Got lots of big leeks. Will need to dream up new ways to serve leeks.
I harvested my bumble beans today. Got about half a bushel from the one seed packet. But they're still in their shells.
I did shell out half a dozen pods, just to see.

Big beans don't you think? and each with a pretty purple blotch.
I think I will bake them with barley grits and salsa, with shredded parmasan on top. Doesn't that sound good?

All good things must come to an end, and I'm afraid this garden log must join them.
There will still be one or two more as harvest continues and garden goes to bed.
During the colder months I publish a ski log about my ventures on snow. Some of you are on that list also.
Last year it was just in text format, but that could change, it WOULD be difficult to incorporate photographs.
If anyone wants to get on, or off, the mailing list for my ski blog, do let me know.