Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, September 9, 2008
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Mmm - eating sweet corn every night now. It'll only last a few days more. mmm-mm
Tonite will be eating sweet corn with stir-fry, replacing the macaroni part of that meal.

My beans and corn are doing well now, what does that suggest?

It's a rainy day, at last, I'm loving it. Who would have thought a month ago I would be saying that?

That edible flowered dianthus I tried growing is anything but. No flowers, doesn't look like dianthus.
I tried munching on a leaf, stringy and bitter with a chalky aftertaste, definitely not edible either.

Being warded over by my topiary terrierist, see, it doesn't look anything like a dianthus.
Those are genuine dianthus growing right behind it in this photo, sweet William biennials, their flowering is past.
I have it growing in a couple more places, and a bucket to give as a gift. ha ha ha
Maybe it is biennial, like some other dianthus, and I will have edible flowers next year.

My potted sumac is going all red, like it's getting ready to go dormant. Earlier than most.
I only collected it this spring, a one-year seedling.
He took a long time to come out of dormancy the first time, can he do it gain?
If he does I will try repotting him with the roots-over-rock style. Now I'll hafta find the right rock.