Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, August 27, 2008
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Not a lot to get done in the garden besides harvesting.
Does that sound like the last garden report? Because it is.

Still true. But a lot to get done outside the garden.
I had a breakage in the mowing equipment, so that frees up a little time.

The Ambrosia melon was, dee-lish.
Tried the sweetcorn, not ready yet.
Pickled a few more of the chile peppers, I had an empty jar.
Put the flat rocks all the way around my new asparagus patch. I got more rocks, will build the wall higher.

Has not rained in over a week, everyone is going dry. Chance of shower forecast the morrow.

Season of vigorous growth is over. I keep watch.

Last spring Jane and I thought we wanted more color around my workshop door. We planted a few pansies.
Jane planted to the left, I did the right of the door.
 . .

Looking forward to the autumnal tasks. Are you?