Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, August 12, 2008
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What happened to the garden report?
Seems like it is always raining, or soaking wet. Sun peeks through sometimes.
I can harvest if it's not pouring. Took a few photos during a sunny lull this morning.

Oh, I did this photo in my kitchen yesterday while it was pouring .

That's a macro image of my malted barley, looks fully modified doesn't it?
Does malting qualify as gardening? It's about sprouting seeds isn't it?

OK, we'll go outside.

My mammoth pumpkin stopped getting bigger about basketball size, but another one took up the cause.

Bigger already.

Corn is over eight feet high now, tasseled out and silky.

oh? You can't see the silks? Maybe if we got closer?

There they are. Now I'll be waiting for the silk to turn brown.

Here's three melons I saw, growing closly together. Right on the rocks Linda.

They are not really alone out there either.

My August planting of kohlrabi came up nicely.

My August lettuce didn't come up, think I'll try again. Planted some rhubarb chard in the greenhouse yesterday.
August planting of chard did very well last year, slowed down for the winter, right back into production
when the days started getting longer. Finally died after flowering at ten months.
Planted one little lettuce, of the Nevada Batavia variety, in the greenhouse yesterday. Just to see.
More to come, garden is producing heavily.