Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, July 31, 2008
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Whew, Think I'm finally caught up a bit on springtime chores
Summer is still without relent, but I have time to wander in my garden.
See if any harvest is called for, pull up a stray weed. I tried that in my cantalope patch,
pulled up tangled cantalope vine with it. My first cantalope is starting to net. I found another, now softball size.
I found a grape-size fruit on my vinepeach. Will continue to watch it with interest
Brought in eight squash yesterday, more of the summer squash than zuccinni.
My mammoth pumpkin is basketball size now. Sweet corn is just starting to tassel, above my head.
Tiny pods on my pole beans, all my beans.
Just picked a basket of basil to make pesto tonite, will harvest a few cheddarflower for the morrow. Here's one:

Mowed down my barley yesterday, looked like it would dry OK as is, and the weeds were getting bigger
Forked it into my pickup truck and moved into my garage. I can move it out in the sun if it stops raining.
But the weather is so changable. Right now about half the bulk is weeds. Maybe as it dries they will be less.
I hope to thresh them away.

Watching, and waiting. Ready.