Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, July 28, 2008
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What happened to the Garden Log?

Well, Skishark got busy. Not entirely too busy to garden, dibs and dabs here and there, too busy to write it up.

Four inches of rain this last week.Corn is as high as a baby elephant's eye. Pumpkin about soccerball size now.
Jane took a bushel of squash to give away at work today.
Harvested last two of my spring kohlrabi yesterday. Once they stop getting bigger, they concentrate
on turning to wood. Shady kohlrabi ready by end of week.
Cheddarflower seem about ready to start harvest.
Planted another short row of the 'rabi this morning. Also planted a short row of the Nevada Batavian lettuce.

Weeds don't seem as prolific as in springtime, but they are tougher.
Got up close and personal with my new asparagus this morning, Could only do one side today.
Noticed a mustard flower, you know, that yellow rocket, by my zuchini, could not let that persist.
Shocked, and dismayed, to see the weed bounty right where I had picked that bushel of squash yesterday.

Watching, and waiting. Ready.