Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, July 21, 2008
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Well, you take a weekend off and everything goes to, , well.
My topiary terrier was going wild so I took my pruners and civilised him slightly. Studio lighting would help him.

What I thought had been a bonsai mountain ash revealed itself as a common staghorn sumac.
Still I think a handsome tree in a pot anyway.

Weeds wanted to take over my new asparagus bed, so I had to get up close and personal.
Threw out seems like a bnushel of purslane, my salads won't suffer for it.

Now it's looking like you would want your asparagus to look in the spring.
I cast parsley seed around there, tried not to pull all the parsley.

Beans and corn were looking good.
That's a double row of pinto beans growing over tomato cages laid on their sides.
Makes a mound of bean plants over four feet across. Beans just starting to blossom.
Bumble beans blossoming more profusely than the pintos, but, they did not germinate as well.
I still have three kohlrabi in the spring bed. Sweet basil is getting profuse, pesto on the menu this week.
Picking more zuccinni and those funny summer squash. Mammoth pumpkins set a couple fruit.
I'll have to go arrange some sort of cradle while I still can. Some of my grape tomatos are looking pretty red now.