Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, July 15, 2008
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Here's the pix I promised yesterday.

These are my hills of winter squashes, with corn and beans in the background.
The piles of green looking more like hills now. Fresh mowing in the direction of Frankfort so they
will have more space to sprawl. I wonder why they crawl in a generally eastward direction.

This will be my first cantalope. It's bigger than a golf ball now, not yet tennis ball size.

Here's my little summer squash. He seems to have lost his warts.

This is the little vine peach plant, dwarfed by the summer squash.
Just starting to show little blossom.

And here are a few chile peppers, with purple basil behind them, and purslane crowding
around their feet. I should go pull out those weeds now, make a salad.

Here is my shady nook, getting it's daily 20-minute dose of sunshine.
Kohlrabi likes it there, but grows more slowly, surrounded by the ferns.

Here is the bonsai bench by my front door. Mountain Ash to the right, then the spruce/fir tree.
A pot of wild strawberries I collected this spring. Berries weren't very sweet but they are sending
out runners like crazy. I guide the runners back into the pot.
To the left is my ringtail cat Grundoon. He handles mouse control. Not as many rings as yesterday.
I think he takes them off at night and didn't get them all back on today.