Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, July 14, 2008
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Well, how 'bout that, My gardening chores seem to be mostly caught up.
Not a lot left to do but harvesting. Kohklrabi are nice, only four or five left in my early bed
Kohlrabi in the shady bed are just starting to swell. Spring spinach is done, left three plants to go to seed.
Maybe get a fall spinach? August spinach? Spinach in the shady bed is so slow, maybe that's my August spinach.
Picked zuccini this morning. Little summer squash, how will I know when they are ready?
They are yellow like you would expect of summer squash, but warty, and flattened like patty pan.
Lots of flowers on my cantalope, I saw one little melon, not as big as tennis ball yet.
Flowers, and little squashes on my winter squash. One flower, and half a dozen buds on my mammoth pumpkin.

I'd like to have photos to show of all this, but It looks like I would need a helicopter, or a skyhook
to get the right angles. Mabe I will haul out my ladder and use the morning light.

Well supplied lettuce wise. The batavia seems to hold better in summer than other lettuce I have grown.
Cheddar flowers are getting big and crowding anything planted near them.
Looking like I could start to harvest chile peppers, will have to continue beating back the purslane from my
chiles and basils, just like a weed. Pole beans are climbing poles. No blossom on beans yet.

It looks like it is time to stop mowing around my winter squashes. Like they seem to do every year,
they are heading for frankfort, dropping squash as they go. I think I'll mow towards Frankfort now,
so I'll be less likely to lose squash.I like to plant my garden in separate beds so I can do most
of the weeding with my lawn mower.

I still want to use grass clippings to mulch around my sweet corn, and anywhere else I see bare soil.
I like to keep mulching my leeks, deeper and deeper, to render those long, blanched leeks.
And pray for rain, maybe do a little rain dancing. Anyone know the step?
Daily watering in the greenhouse for two trees and two tomato plants.
Will try to have photos tomorrow.