Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, July 8, 2008
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Whew! Back after more than a week at high summer.
So much to get done, not much of it in the garden. Barely time to breathe, and swill iced coffee,
let alone sitting at my keyboard. Caught up a little now, and my keyboard is right by a/c outlet.

Everything seems so much more grown. The raised bed with the cheddar flower, and all that other stuff seems overgrown.
Better eat stuff fast. The pepper plants, even though they have little peppers, seemed like weak sisters.
So I gave them a boost with my liquid 12-4-8, one boost should be enough.
The purslane is going, going. More than enough, will be in tonite's salad. Anyone want some purslane?
Little succulent leaves, add nicely to your salad. Said to vegetable source highest in Omega 3's

I got out there this morning and hoed around some of my beans, and hilled up my sweet corn.

Looking more like a corn patch now. Those are the bumble beans behind.
Barley patch seems so over run with the weeds that I am not expecting much of a harvest.
Next time I will try to sow twice as thick. Glad I am keeping this log.

Hops, on the other hand, is going crazy.

Crazy like it wants another pole. Looking to me like I will have festoons of hops blossoms come time.
Festoons, I like that word, festoons. My other hops vine is not so crazy, it has a whole dead tree to play in.

Will be eating kohlrabi this evening, and salad coming out of my ears. Nice image that.
Better go water some stuff now.