Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, June 25, 2008
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A hot clear day, nice breeze, got stuff done but ran out of steam early, and my computer was way hotter.
Thought I'd write this up early when it's still cool. Everything in my garden keeps getting more beautiful.

It seems my consumption of horseradish is too slow, these get overgrown. Anyone want horseradish?
Little root cuttings are easy. It is an old Bohemian variety, Maliner kren.

My raised beds keep getting more, lush. You can pick out a few purple basil leaves in there.
And see the purslane creeping around the peppers.

I prefer the variety of purslane that's creeping around my new asparagus.

Sweet Williams flowers were spectacular last year. Some returned this year.
These have different colors, so I guess they are seedlings.

Can you make out a dog ear, or even two on that topiary terrier to the left there?

I got the hoeing accomplished around my beans and corn. Now my corn patch looks like hills of little sweet corn plants
instead of just a patch of weeds, not yet photogenic that corn.

Linda suggested to me that I put big rocks around my melon plants.Hold the heat at night maybe?
She said they grow bigger and more productive. Rocks? Yeah, living in sourthern Herkimer county I got rocks.

Was rainy last night, Wednesday night now, so I am not sure if I'll be able to hoe in my melon and squash patches today.
I got bags of lawn clippings to mulch with when that happens.
If you get a garden log tomorrow it will be the last one until after the 4th of July.