Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, June 22, 2008
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Remember what my garden looked like last February? Here is the image.

Well, this is how it looks now, from the same vantage, at the beginning of this summer.

You can see my two raised beds there, looking nice and lush.
Behind them is the pile of flat rocks I retrieved from my old asparagus bed. To the left is the new
asparagus bed, not yet ready to receive them. Farther back you can see my bed for beans and corn,
with tripods for the pole beans. The beds for melons, squash and barley are hidden behind the spruce tree on the right.
There to the upper left is the first view of my new garden shed, right where the old one was.

Still raining off and on, hot and muggy right now. Rain ten minutes ago. Very encouraging for the weeds.
This morning I lugged over a couple bushels of my old manure to put around the asparagus.
And puttered with the rocks for a while. Also this morning farmer Bob brought me a whole wagon load
of fresh manure. I had him dump it at the back of my next door field, far from the house and garden.
It can turn into old manure quite safely there, and I'll start mining it in the spring.

Harvesting lettuce and spinach, leaves of basil and chives for salads.
Kohlrabi in the sunny bed are swelling decidedly. I have little chilie peppers, waiting for them to enlarge a bit.
Spinach is up in the shady bed and growing very slowly. Leeks and garlic are competeing to see which can grow larger.

I started four more lettuce plants, of the Batavia Nevada variety. They are sitting in a box in my garlic bed right now.
I'll have to decide where they will be planted. I expect one or two will go in a pot, or pots, to move around
as the spirit moves me. One will make a go for it in my shady bed, one will go on east side of the house
where it will get morning sun but be shaded in the afternoon. When they are a little bigger.

My topiary terrier sprouted two ears right in the right place. Now I think I'll go trim them to shape a bit.