Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, June 20, 2008
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Mow and hoe, was my phrase for this day. Had not rained since yesterday, this morning.
Starting with the little asparagus', I took my little power mower and mowed carefully all around them.
Then I put little mower away and gassed up the riding mower. Mowed around my winter squash patches.

Probably won't be able to do that when the vines start crawling everywhere.
not that the squash would care.

Then I went back to the asparagus', got up close and personal, tried to remove every smallest weed.
And failed, the purslane wants my asparagus patch. It'll have me to contend with anyway.
Then I went to get some bushels of my old manure, and the rains came. Got soaked, but I got my manure.
Rain let up after lunch, and it got sunny, and HOT.
I put my manure in the trench around the asparsgus', Can rake the dirt over that, so the crowns will be deeper

Then I went and hoed out the weeds that were infringing on my winter squash.
That's the mammoth pumpkin at the back in the photo.
A lot of that devil's twist around them, y'know, bindweed. wild morning glory?
I try to pull them out before they get taller than an inch, they flower real fast.

I got my mow and hoe done, now it's sounding like another elephant headed my way.