Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, June 19, 2008
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Ho! Ho! Ho! A lot of that was done today. It never cleared up and got warm, but, at least it didn't rain.
I hoed around the edges mostly, ignored the occasional sprinkles.
Bed for corn and beans is looking good. Germination of the sweet corn
is still a disappointment. but I have a few hills, Expect I will get a taste anyway.
Not so with the peas. They are the furthest from the house and the deer come to crop in the evenings.
I have a steel trellis and they don't seem to like getting too close, so my peas are about a foot and a half tall,
neatly clipped off. There are a few pods down that low, slowly getting fatter.
But deer seem bolder every night.

Squash and melon bed got hoed all the way around too, and across the middle if I saw a weed.
Looking pretty jolly there now. Tomorrow I expect to apply myself to that row of new asparagus

More joy, a great joy. Figured I would clear away weeds from around my two boysenberry bushes.
Great joy! All six were growing now.
Guess it's time to pick a salad now.