Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, June 18, 2008
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Been rainy for a few days now. Rainy in the mornings, then hot, and oh, so humid, afternoons.
Things never get dry enough to hoe away the weeds that are taking advantage of the fine soil preparation I performed.
Raised beds are OK, I can still get close with them. I can also still walk around the outside of my beds and watch,
see what they are up to now. I see little corn sprouts, small, weeds are bigger.
I'll have to get up close and personal with them, when it is dry enough.

Easier to spend time with greenhouse when I can't go out, and it is cloudy.
Have to keep my tomatoes confined to their cages, nurture my tiny little sprout of a peach tree.
Water for my fig tree. Fig trees are supposed to be heavy feeders burt I have not been feeding it.
I'll give it some liquid 12-4-8 next time, tomatoes too. Oh, the fig tree:

I got lots of little green figs. Will they get bigger?
Will they dry up and fall in a basket I take out there?