Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, June 16, 2008
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Looking like it was a dry weekend. Then, last night, blessed rainfall, maybe quarter inch
Everybody was happy this morning. Bumble beans are up nicely, still no sign of corn.
Eleven out of twelve asparagus. Blossoms on melon. Went around my raised beds closely.
Good to get intimate with your dinner, up close and personal. Fun to gather salad for this even,
Batavia lettuce, Tyee spinach, wild purslane, spearamint and domestic chives.
Will add olives and pickled peppers.

Looking like the tornado missed me, now it's elephant stompers.
That's what I call one of those big, black thunderclouds with rainshowers looking like legs hanging down.
Showers here and over there, usually not much, but a herd of elephants can add up to rain.
Think there's one coming over now.
I will gather more spinach, and post this report when storm has passed.