Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, June 10, 2008
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Another hot one, the spinach is planted in my shady nook, will it get the chance to yield?
Now there are thunderstorms wandering around, one just stomped here for a few minutes.
Tornado warning until 6:PM. Everyone out there in the garden is looking so relieved.
Those raised beds are looking truly lush now. But it is no cooler. Harvesting lettuce and spinach, and,
Oh Joy, the purslane has appeared.
You don't know purslane?
Purslane is a weed I welcome into my summer salads.
I know nothing of purslane culture, but I am glad if it shows up here.
Peas are covered in blossom. I even saw some blossom on my chile peppers.
A couple little pea-size green tomatos were seen on the grape tomato plants I put in greenhouse.
Looks like ten of the twelve asparagus crowns i placed have responded.
Still puttering to be done out there, things like thinning, weeding, . . .
But it's still no cooler out there.