Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, June 9, 2008
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Whew, still a scorcher here. 90F in the shade right now. I did not do a lot in vegetable garden this day.
. Yesterday I planted basil plants. Saturday I acquired quite a few. Half a dozen of the purple basil plants,
and a pot with half a dozen of the sweet basils. Yesterday I filled in the holes in my beds with sweet basil.
The purple basil in that gap between my leeks and peppers that you saw in the photo.
This morning I was puttering in the door yard a bit.First a trim to my topiary terrier.
I'll spare you another pic of that terrierist. Then I had a nice place for the edible flower dianthus I started.
Between the Sweet williams that came back, and the topiary's paws.
I still had half a dozen pansy plants to dispose, but waited for sun to be behind that building.
To make space for pansys I had to pot up a little spruce I am training to be bonsai:

It's 91F out there now, better give her another dose of water.
Pansys got planted with handfuls of my rotted manure and some bone meal to aid in blossoming.
Then flooded with the liquid fertilizer, 12-8-4.
I think I'll do a second planting of spinach, in my shady nook, tomorrow.