Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, June 6, 2008
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Ah, a rainy night, then a wet morning. Got really hot and sunny then.
I expect the corn and beans I planted Tuesday enjoyed it. I know the barley did.
They were waving their green arms in the air and cheering. Everyplant liked it.
I planted last two hills of winter squash on Thursday, now maybe my garden is full?
Thinning my lettuce rows made for a nice salad at dinner, with chives and spearamint
Here is image of my raised beds as they were this day:

From the right, it's the garlic, my two rows of lettuce from seeds I thinned, four lettuce from transpalts,
baby spinach from seed went into salad too, then the kohlrabi and my marker stick. Then another row
of transplant, more lettuce, the edible flower dianthus and Rick's mystery plant. Left of that is the
cheddarflower plants and a couple of blank spaces supposed to be sweet basil. The bed behind that is
leeks on the right and chilie peppers on the left, and enough space for another row or two of what?
Will have to check over my seeds. Will be going over to the old brick farmhouse to see if I can replace
the sweet basil. Another scorcher this day.