Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, May 26, 2008
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Not a lot done this day. Lawn mowing details got done. Waiting for tiller to be fixed.
The barley patch is showing a flush of green, but it's not photogenic yet.
I took this photo of what is perhaps the world's smallest rock garden by the step to my back door.

It shows a clump of yellow sedum, not yet in bloom, and some Hens and Chickens huddled under the first step.

This may be the last garden log for a week or so.
Expect to see some changes upon my return.
Now I got to haul some water, hope we get some rain while I am away.

Rick came over to check out my tiller, was hard to start but runs fine.
He said to use a different starting strategy, with throttle almost closed.
Now it's starting to rain. Beans will have to wait until next week, corn also.