Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, May 215, 2008
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OK. I got a chance to work in the garden some today. Clear and sunny, steadily warming up.
Planting in my bed for squashes. Two hills of zucinni and two of summer squash.
I planted a hill of vine peaches too. That was a complimentary packet of seeds.
The copy says they are small cantalopes without rinds, shall see.
I planted five of the melon plants I started, Ambrosia melons, a variety of cantalope.
I still have three of those plants left if anyone wants them.

In the four little patches I turned up I planted three of them to winter squash, buttercup.
In the last one, farthest out, I planted the mammoth pumpkins.
I will need to acquire some more lime for those.
Every hill of seeds got marked with two stones one top of the other, so I can see where to water,
which I did.

I replaced one of the sweet basil plants that had given up.
And two lettuce plants that were not doing well at all. One was replaced with the edible flowered Dianthus,
the other with Rick's mystery plant.

Now I should be going out to finish my lawn mowing, the detail work I do with a walk-behind mower.