Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, May 21, 2008
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The time has come when there is just too much to do in the garden, for spending time coding webpages.
But it's raining now so I'll have a chance.

Yesterday I bought six pepper plants of the Hungarian wax variety. Them and four of my basil plants got
into the ground yesterday. In the rasied beds I cleared away a little spot in the grass clippings,
removed a couple trowels of dirt and added a couple trowels of the rotten manure, a trowel of wood ashes
and a trowel of bone meal. Peppers didn't get manure, basil didn't get bone meal. I stirred the ground
right there mixing things in, then i planted the plants and surrounded with a little cylinder of fiberglass.

Here is the fertilizer wagon with NKP. Manure for N, woodash for K, and a bag of bone meal for the P.
See the cylinders protecting the young transpalnts over there?
After everyone was set I gave them a dose of the liquid 12-4-8.

The next bed to the left is where the cheddarflowers are going. I did the fertile spots the same as yesterday, with NKP.
Sky was sprinkleing as I was putting on the trowels, pouring by the time I got to the stirring
I gave up then, started coding this page, but it's not raining at this moment.

Continued sprinkling, on and off all afternoon, chilly breeze. Sun is out sometimes for a few minutes, or a few seconds.
The cheddarflowers were champing to get into the ground.
Eventually got around to stirring the planting spots and planting cheddarflowers. Only had space for eight.
Anyone want a cheddarflower plant? A couple?

I put up the fiberglass shelters for them.
Here you can see a few of them.
Sheltering from the chilly wind. I feel sorry for the
pepper plants, even with this protection they
must feel cold. The Cheddarflowers and kohlrabi are

No sign of sprouting barley, another asparagus
has appeared. Speaking of asparagus, I picked half a
dozen from my old bed last night, nestling in the rocks
and weeds. Mmmm, fresh asparagus, the freshest.

What will tomorrow bring me?