Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, May 19, 2008
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Brrr - a refrigerated day, never even got up to 50F. ( that's 10C)
Did a walkaround this morning, heard a lot of litttle plantive wails.

"Oh, Why did we ever come up for this. This is, like, April."

The kohlrabi seemed cheerful and jolly. " We're cabbage. We're made for this.
Look at those lettuce over there, they're shivering."

You mean your vegetables don't talk to you?
That's too bad. Give them a chance. Be quiet, and listen, they're not too loud.
Soon you won't be able to get them to sut up.

The greenhouse was a better place to be today. I planted two grape tomato plants out there during my disconnection.
The plants I started for transplanting were loking good.

seven cantalopes, ten cheddarflower, uncounted diantus, half a dozen sweet basil, some doubled up, two of an earlier planting of dianthus.
and one of Rick's mystery plants, an edible green of some sort he is told.

Maybe it will be warmer tomorrow.