Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, May 12, 2008
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Whew! a bit of a jolt that. Don't remember what I was doing, suddenly, computer crashed and died.
Would not reboot, all options closed. So,
Now I have a new computer, a Dell, my first name brand computer since my Commodore 64.

But this is a garden log, Just because I didn't have a computer no reason to stay out of garden.
Cold, rainy weather was, seems April and May got switched around. Now it's cold, windy and dry.

Peas came up good, 3-4" now. The two half rows of lettuce are looking good. Two half rows of
Batavia lettuce and two half rows of Ithaca lettuce. Kohlrabi are popping out of the ground in my sunny bed.
Spinach too. Garlic and leeks ( garleeks? ) are looking fine. Kohlrabi in the shady bed seem to be taking their time.
Ferns in the shady bed are beautiful, fiddleheads uncurling like ostrich tails, Christmas fern sending up fruiting bodies.

A good thing, having your lawn mower break down just before it's time to get started. A good thing?
It goes to the shop, sits in the queue for weeks, finally comes home fixed. Time to get out there mowing before it's too late.
Now I had this thick layer of grass clippings to mulch my beds with to keep them from drying so much.
I'll be hauling water tonight. Better get out there and mow again. I have not tried loading a pic from my camera to this new computer. What wrinkles will I find?