Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, April 28, 2008
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Ah, the rain has come
First Saturday night, now steady gentle rainfall this day.
Not a lot I can do out there but wander around and look, steadily getting wetter.
Seems both plantings of peas are up competing now, how do you thin peas?
Both of my hops vines have emerged. The transplanted one further than the
one that has not moved for three years, but that one is bigger.
The lettuce I planted last week is coming up nicely:

That needs to be thinned too.

I have this round planting flat that is the bottom few inches of a plastic bucket.
Yesterday i mixed up some of my rotten manure with peat moss in the bottom,
then grabbed some handfulls of strawberrry plants from under my pines
and arranged on top. Finished with a watering of the 12-4-8
and put on my sunny bench. They look cheerful there.
At least I won't have to be hauling water this day.