Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, April 21, 2008
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More springlike every day, things are popping up.

These violets showed them selves in my front yard just as light was fading yesterday, Captured this view this morning. Some of our daffodills are blooming. Tulips seem to be busting out of the ground artound my sundial, with tightly curled buds. I can see some color.

Peas are coming up at last. A little fitfully as yet, but they just started.
Still hauling water every day. I do the hauling, Orion likes to do the pouring.
Hauling water to the asparagus trench too. Hose will reach for leeks and garlic.

My sister gave me a wintergreen plant from her woods this wekend, now cheerfully planted in my shady nook, but not too deeply into shade. See how it does. Got a dose of the liquid 12-4-8 this morning.

Orion and I planted two rows of lettuce behind the garlic. Two half rows of the Batavia lettuce, and the same of the Ithaca lettuce.

This afternoon I set out one of my transplants, one of the Ithaca lettuce, sure was looking ready. Was getting slightly demoralized by a little breeze, so I put a fiberglass shelter around it, dosed it with 12-8-4.

Orion likes to dig in my garden. I gave him the pumpkin patch to dig in. I expect his fascination with this pastime to quickly fade, when he sees how much effect he can have on dirt.