Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, April 16, 2008
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Ah, a gardner's work is never done. Maybe come October I can switch over to full-time
trail maintenanace. Don't let me start on picking up sticks.

My asparagus crowns will arrive in the even, must get ready.
Got the tiller running, After I did another pass over my beans and corn patch,
I rolled over to the garden hose and rinsed the tines off well.
Then I took off the outer and middle tine sets so I had just this tiny tiller.
Tilled down in the bottom of my asparagus trench, then went over with a shovel to make it
even deeper. Then I spread out a double bushel of rotted manure, and tilled again. I'm ready.

My leeks came in the mail this morning, so after lunch I planted leeks.
I ordered a bundle of fifty, received a bundle of over two hundred.
Hard to choose the best fifty.
I planted on the quincunx so I could get more in limited space, and I relish
having a chance to use that rare word.I planted fifty-five.
I took a photograph of the leeks in their bed, along with the garlic coming up in the next bed.

Not very clear I know, but you can see them if you try.

Getting my tiller put back together was more difficult than I expected, even with all that grease.
Glad I don't have to do that again for another twenty years now.

I lugged buckets of water out to my peas again.