Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, April 15, 2008
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Replantation of the peas occurred this day.
Now I feel committed, to carrying buckets of water out there every day,
at least until they sprout up.

I moved my Rosemary tree to her summer quarters.

Styled in the cascade style, with the pot embedded in the ground like that
she more resembles Rosemarius prostratum.
This particular rosemary plant never summered in these quarters,
but the last one did very well here.

Peeled back an unbroken carpet of moss from the bed in my shady nook,
Then applied lots of lime. As long as I was liming things I gave both my
raised beds a generous application, then used up my sack of lime on the other beds.
My gloom about the garlic was premature. Now I have green sprouts in
sixteen different places. I applied a top dressing of subsoil left from digging
the hole for the peach tree, make them think they were deeper in the ground.
While I was in the shady nook I paid attention to my ferns.
applied liquid fertilizer (18-4-8) to the hart's tongues, and the ostrich.
Those green knuckles are looking like a fist coming out of the ground now.
Christmas fern is looking so enthusiastic I did not dare to fertilize it.
I did fertilize the little myrtle in the very darkest corner.
One sprig there, left from a plug I put there a year ago.
Does myrtle respond to fertilization? Anyone know?

EOG (Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening) says to plant the asparagus crowns
as early in spring as the soil can be worked.
I found a source for the crowns and will be doing that soon.
What next.