Garden Log Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, April 14, 2008
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Well, the rainy spell has abated enough to let me till more.
Here is photo of my garden as it appears this April:

Looks more hospitable for gardening than it did last February.

For those who missed the photo of Jane picking peach for breakfast, try again.

That's the old tree. Here is the new dwarf Elberta I planted Friday:

See? Looks sort of pathetic compared to other.

This morning I planted out some narcissus bulbs we had been forcing on the windowsill.
I used the pot to plant some tender bulbs, Shamrock bulbs, we had received as a premium
for ordering the peach tree.

I tilled up my asparagus bed this afternoon. You should be able to see the trench in that photo
up above. I'll till the bottom of the trench when I have crowns ready to plant.
How early should I plant aspaaragus? Anyone know?
Then I tilled in the half a dozen bushels of rotted manure I had dumped on the barley bed
before the rain.
Tilled another go-round on the bed where I will be growing melons and summer squash.
Then the little patches where i will try the winter squash and pumpkins.
More the morrow I see.