Garden Log 3/28 Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, April 9, 2008

Just because I couldn't be on-line doesn't mean I couldn't be out back.
Did much tilling yesterday, the barley bed, squash and melon bed,
bed for beans and a little sweet corn, corn takes a lot of garden space.
Skishark sems to be running out of steam earlier as the days get longer.
Another melon plant germinated last night, and another lettuce.
And I transplanted some of the tiny seedlings that were three in a pot.
The cheddarflower that is, not the lettuce.
What I thought were pepper seedlings are really the melons,
No pepper plants have come up yet, tomorrow will try them in the greenhouse,
lots hotter out there.

Today I tilled out patches for winter squash and mammoth pumpkins for Orion.
Little patches, arranged so I can control weeds with a lawn mower,
until they get too big to care about weeds.

The hops pole that was broken off by the winds of winter got replanted today.
A little shorter now, but that's OK.
I could not harvest blossoms way up there anyway.
And I transplanted another hops that was planted in the wrong place.
I couldn't get all the roots from under my shed, hope it does OK.

Then I went to collect a few hundred pounds of last year's manure
to spread on the barley bed. Had to unload now because rain is expected.
Time to start working up a new head of steam.