Garden Log 3/28 Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, April 1, 2008

Whew, surprise, surprise, as suddenly as it was winter again, it became spring again.
Snow is gone now except where the drifts were , still some crusty over there,
But no snow in my garden !!
A better spring it is too, temperature up over 60F, buds are swelling and turning green,
things coming outy of ground. Lilac buds let me know where is dead wood to prune away.
Daffodills emerge, and daylilies. Garlic patch a disappointment, all those dead cloves on top of ground,
One litle green guy poking up, I hope some brothers follow.

Back to the hard labor with the flat rocks, easier now snow and frozen ground gone.
When the rocks are clear I had to take out plastic sheets I used to help control weeds.
A very muddy task, I resisted the urge to get right down into the mud.
Need not have bothered, got total muddy anyway.

My hops pole broke off, sob
When ground is all thawed I will have to dig a hole to plant what remains of the pole.
It was too tall to harvest from anyway.
At the same time I will transplant another hops from the north corner of my shed
to the south side by a dead tree (dead trees are free) where it will get more sun.

Germination continues, another pepper plant this morning. I put it on the windowsill
and planted two more pots of basil.
I have made the start of twenty six peat pots, with eight emergent, as follows:

5 Hungarian Wax pepper
5 Ambrosia melons
5 Cheddar flower 5 Genova basil
4 dianthus
2 Batavian lettuce

3 peppers
2 chedarflower
2 dianthus
1 lettuce

Thank you Ginny for your comment on the format I selected for the reports.
and Saundra for your comment on my topiary. Now I will have to come up with a format
to post your comments so they can be included, but everybody doesn't have to read everbody's.