Garden Log 3/28 Garden Log from southern Herkimer county, March 28, 2008

Hello, I didn't hear so this must be a good format to use.
Do let me know.

Whuhh-huh!! What's this? Woke up to six inches of new snow.
Heavy, wet, sticky stuff, no good for nothing, except getting cold and wet.
Temperature never went below freezing.
No work out in the garden today.

Indoors a different story.
One lone pepper plant has germinated. I put the germinated pots in a tray on the windowsill.
I started two of the Genovese sweet basil to slip into the empty slots, more pots are soaking.

I started half a dozen spinach seeds in the greenhouse, in the planter next to the chard.
That rainbow chard is going great now, after a slow spell in mid-winter. See?
That's three plants I started last sumer.

So pretty, that's my rosemary tree hiding in that clay pot back there.

To the future, have a good one.