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This is my vegetable garden as it appears in February, scroll down to see the season's progress:

I have a few acres of southern Herkimer county where my garden endeavors take place. You can see outlines of some of my beds in the photo.
Soil is primarily mixed glacial till, a heavy loam.
Slope of the field helps supply adequate drainage.

Mainly I grow annual vegetables, mainly. I will be starting another bed of asparagus this spring, old bed was getting tired after a quarter century.

Also I will be starting some thornless boysenberries behind my garage. I am getting tired of depending on luck to come across wild blackberries.
I made two seed orders, one has already arrived. Cheddar cauliflower will go in one of my raised beds, as will the Ithaca head lettuce and Hungarian wax pepper. Squashes will go where barley was planted last year, that's zucchini, regular summer squash, Ambrosia melons and Atlantic Giant mammoth pumpkins. I still await the rest of the seeds I ordered. I also made order of a dwarf Elberta peach to go in my greenhouse. It replaces a Reliance dwarf peach that was getting somewhat overgrown for indoors, and not yielding well anymore. Took me over a month to get it dug out.

This is the germination chamber I mention in the 03-24-08 blog:

A wooden box with a sheet metal bottom, an electric mat for heating, a fiberglass lid.

The crawdad mug is to weight down the fiberglass. Space for eighteeen peat pots.

This is my topiary terrier, I call it Toto's ghost:

The chard, rainbow chard, in my greenhouse had a less productive period overwinter,
but it came right back as spring started.

As well, when springtime started out in earnest, the ferns in my shady nook
started poking their green knuckles out of the ground, getting ready you know.

As the weather warmed up, I transferred my Rosemary tree to summer quarters.

I planted a dwarf peach tree in the greenhouse. Looks a little pathetic sitting there all by itself.

The hoped for ideal would be it become as productive as the last peachtree to occupy that space.

The leek plants I ordered arrived by mail.I planted them that afternoon in one of my raised beds
next to the one with the garlic.

Now that it is April, my garden space seems much more hospitable than it did last February.

Seems this file is long enough and it's only April.
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