Hava Homebrew?

Ah, Yes, a Kohinoor would make a fine update,

Ah, the Kohinoor Bitter, an inspired brew.
Should I describe my inspiration? I was on my own for dinner. Had half a kielbasa, harvested a few nice kohlrabi, Chopped them up and frazzled all in the wok for a few minutes. Laced it with garlic pepper and had dinner. Best dinner I ever had. Thought, if I chased it with a bottle of Kohinoor Bitter, it would be the perfect dinner. Kohlrabi, kielbasa, and Kohinoor, perfect. But, what was this Kohinoor Bitter? I had never had a Kohinoor, never even heard of Kohinoor, in that context. I remembered the word from my old technical pen, and something about some big diamond? Maybe my ale was coming into focus. A dark ale, with extra hops, and a high-gravity brew, would be extra hard. That's it, black as Ink and hard as diamonds, My Kohinoor Bitter.

Seems, like other homebrewers are always doing new brews, somehings different.
Let me think. For darkness I could try the chocolate malt again, and some roasted barley,
for extra dark. Use the 3 gallon fermenter for extra hardness, and an extra ounce of hops blossom,
for the bitter.

That made a very fine glass of beer. But it seems like a first brew can always stand some improvement
of course. Could be less sweet, and sticky. Try leaving out the chocolate malt. And another ounce
of hops will bitter it up nicely. I got 25 kg of pale 2-row malt from Homebrew Emporium,
now I can experiment freely. Stay tuned for future updates.

Back to the thresher project.

Did it work as good as it looks? Well, it worked! Not perfectly.

It worked pretty good for the pinto beans. Saved me hours of work getting them stored away.
Less success with the barley. Did not succeed in getting as much grain as seed I had planted.
Not sure if it was the thresher, or my agricultural practice, or even the weather.
Anyhow, I made a list of seven possible improvements to the thresher. Got those almost done.
Rethreshed the little sack of barley I do have to see if it would be rendered more maltable.
Next update.

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